Dear Valued Customers, We appreciate your ongoing support. Starting Dec 20, 2023, we regret to inform you that we will no longer be accepting retail orders. This decision allows us to focus on providing an enhanced experience for our wholesale customers.

About Us

Linzy Toys, Inc.

“Manufacturing Happiness Worldwide” is our motto. Our plan is to take our company and products worldwide.

Founded in 1995, we started the company with the vision to provide an affordable quality plush line.  A strong company that was able to provide a variety of plush including musical, baby and strong seasonal designs that were missing in the industry.  The company was founded with the strategy to fill this niche.

Since then there have been many who have tried, only a few have been able to survive and grow. We have been one of the very few.

The plush market is over a billion-dollar market. It is a large pie to cut into.

With this in mind, we will continue to strive to take a larger part of this “pie” step by step. The approach may not be the most aggressive one, and it may actually be more on the conservative side. However, we feel that it is more important to have a long-lasting and rooted impact than a showy one. We worked too hard and too long to treat this company as just a project.

Product Collection Success

One of the keys to our success, obviously, is our large range of exclusive designs.        

A variety of bestselling exclusive designs, since the creation of Linzy Toys, Inc. in 1994, we have had a string of bestselling collections.  We’ve designed, manufactured, and marketed plush that often sells out due to high demand.

Some of our first designs are still among our bestsellers, which illustrates the staying power of our work, our commitment to excellence, and the loyalty of our customers.  For example, our Sweet Cakes Rag Dolls Collection and our newest line Little Sweethearts

One thing that’s unique about Linzy Toys, Inc. is that our bestsellers span a wide range of our inventory.  We have amazing, consistently popular designs in every single one of our product lines, and that is something we’re very proud of.  In fact, some of our largest chain stores are currently carrying a variety of our designs.

One-stop plush shopping

In 20 years, we’ve forged relationships with quite a few customers.  The fact that we have such a well-rounded collection is perfectly representative of how committed we are to what we do, and how seriously we take “Manufacturing Happiness Worldwide.”

Many distributors, in fact, have chosen Linzy Toys, Inc. as their exclusive supplier for all things plush.  They’ve found that there’s no need to deal with multiple vendors when they can find everything they need and everything their customers want at Linzy Toys, Inc.

 Stronger Sales Channels         

Leading the pack and conquering the markets Initially, Linzy Toys, Inc. serviced the gift industry. We thrived in this industry, and have maintained a strong presence, showing, and reputation among other gift companies and the customers who spend billions of dollars to support and expand this industry.

Despite our good performance in this market, we were dreaming of larger things and want to expand our reach.  We would like to expand into the toy, truck stop, convenience store, supermarket, fundraising, home, travel, floral, and book industries cautiously yet successfully.                

The Foundation of Linzy Toys, Inc.

With 20 years of experience behind us, we are now poised to take on the challenges and victories that the future holds for us.

It has taken us two decades to build our reputation as one of the premier sources of plush in the gift industry.  This is the hallmark of our success and the accomplishment for which we are most proud.  Acceptance and acknowledgment into a position of this stature signifies that we are doing a good job—with our customers, with our vendors, and with our team.

Also, the past twenty years have allowed us to gain a loyal customer base.  In the business world, 20 years is quite an accomplishment.  We are proud to have thousands of customers who have consistently turned to us for their plush needs since the beginning.  Alternately, there are thousands of stores who’ve ordered with us since they first opened their doors.

We’ve also earned name recognition through consistent and aggressive marketing efforts.  We’re working hard to familiarize our customers and their customers with “Linzy Toys” and to show the connection between us and the plush they’ve come to love.

In our 20 years, we’ve also found our niche within the plush industry.  While we obviously manufacture for a variety of seasons and age groups, we have found the plush genres that have generated the most response. Two decade’s worth of design experience, also, has allowed us to grow our inventory.  Twenty years ago, we had only 20 designs.  Today, we have more than 1,500 designs.  The ever-growing, ever-changing family of exclusive designs mark our continued success, and many of those items have become staples within our customers’ stores.



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